My name is Renee Green.  My son, Adam, is the reason Adam’s Clubhouse – Quality Care For Special Needs Children, Inc. exists!  (Yes, it is a long name for a business but there’s no doubt what we do – or rather what we will do!)

Adam turned 10 in April 2019.  Like all of us, he has good days and bad days.  However, a good day for Adam simply means he’s only had 5 seizures that day.  Adam is considered to be medically fragile.  Our little angel does not communicate or hold eye contact for more than a couple of seconds at a time.  He is unable to walk, move his arms voluntarily, support his head, or even eat.  There’s no doubt, Adam will never be capable of caring for himself.  He will always be our “baby” (mentally he is a newborn).

Approximately two years before Adam was to start school, I began my search for the perfect after school care program for him to attend.  I began the search early because I learned with my daughter that the good child care centers will have a wait-list!!  I was disappointed time and time again to learn, that after school care and summer care for school aged, disabled children does not exist in Central Arkansas!  I even expanded my search to include private schools in our area that cater to special needs children, as well as, alternative learning facilities – still no luck.  After 2+ years of stressing over what we were going to do, the only two options my husband and I could come up with were private care or in-patient care.  Neither of these were desirable to us since Adam is nonverbal and nonambulatory.

How can there not be a place for Adam?  Wouldn’t that be discriminating?  As much as it sounds like it is – it is not.  Currently there is not an existing child care center that can provide a “safe environment” for him.  Any ONE of Adam’s conditions, especially the seizures or the feeding tube, would be intimidating to the average person.

Adam’s first day of school was just a little more than two months away when my husband and I finally accepted the reality that I had to quit my job of 16 years.  I had to be available to care for him in the afternoons, school holidays and during the summer.  It has been hard going from a two income family to managing a tight budget but we have survived.   Since Adam started school in August of 2015, I cannot count the number of people I have met that have the same story as my family’s.  It didn’t take me long to realize ADAM’S PURPOSE was to make me take on the challenge of creating a safe child care environment for him and the other angels like him.  Having a special needs child can be a challenge some days, but at least child care will soon be one thing families no longer have to worry about.

Now knowing our story, I’m sure you can understand why Adam’s Clubhouse – Quality Care For Special Needs Children, Inc. was created.  As of November 2017, we have our Letter of Determination from the IRS, approving us as a 501(c)(3).  As of June 2019, we have secured a location in Jacksonville, Arkansas and are preparing it for our new club members for the upcoming school year.   It will not be much longer before Adam’s Clubhouse a reality.

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to learn more about us!

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